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ByakuranxUni What? (Tsuna) by starcalista ByakuranxUni What? (Tsuna) :iconstarcalista:starcalista 3 0 Fullmetal Alchemist: Group Shot - Fanime 2012 by AtomicBrownie Fullmetal Alchemist: Group Shot - Fanime 2012 :iconatomicbrownie:AtomicBrownie 14 7
2p!F.A.C.E. x teen!reader-She's growing up(ch.1)
Season 2~
"Do you want to tell Luci and uncle Francis at the same time?", you offered.
"W-what? Oh no no! I'm not telling Luciano anything of this!"
"What? Why not?"
She sighed, "Just don't...You don't want anything bad to happen, do you?"
"Of course not!"
"Then not a word of this to Francis, got it?"
You understood that she might have been scared of Francis. Her dad probably told her awful and untrue stories about him, so you agreed. "If you say so, cousin"
"Good. I have to go now but I'll see you again"
You smiled, "I'm glad I'll be getting to see you a lot more now. Oh! Next time can we hang out for a longer time?!"
"Sure. We'll do whatever you want"
"Oh, yay!! We can play dress up and you can try on some of my old clothes! You can keep them too, if you like them"
She nodded to you, "Y-yup...I bet I'd love them"
"I'm sure you will too~!"
"We can go now uncle Flavio?", she looked around herself to find him and you see him staring at your aunt Dyah. She didn't notice him and was lo
:iconeriko-neko:eriko-neko 233 104
Cold Weather and Hugs [ErenxReader]
Around this time of year, you always appreciated the more intense parts of the training regiment. Not because you were necessarily good at them, not that you were bad at it either, but it did keep you warm in the cold air. Running laps was probably the best thing to do in this weather because it kept you warm and moving, but 3D maneuver gear training was hard as Hell.
Normally, you loved the feeling of practically flying. It was one of the main reasons you tried so hard to be a soldier, the feeling of freedom that came with the 3DMG. The air would whip past your face and you would easily bounce around the forest, occasionally throwing in some flips and other unnecessary moves to just show off your skill on the gear. But as the weather changed, so did your opinion on the training. The cold air practically beat against you skin relentlessly as you made your way through the forest. The chill in the air penetrating your clothes and skin, sinking in to your bones.
As you finished up with th
:iconxreaderrambles:xReaderRambles 485 85
The Man Who Can't Be Moved (PrussiaXReader)
How could he have been so stupid? How could he have lost you? Gilbert cursed himself again and again as he made his way through the city streets. You had left him the day before in a fit of tears and fury after finding him in bed with an old flame of his. Elizabeta. She meant nothing to him, whereas you meant the world. And he had thrown it away, all for one hour with an ex. How unawesome of him.
He hated himself for letting you go. Your smiles, your hair, the way you danced around the kitchen while making eggs, only to screak and laugh upon realizing that you had burned them. Of course, he would laugh along with you and plant a quick, sweet kiss on your lips before resetting the fire alarm and helping you clean up the mess. He missed it, those little moments that made him love you even more.
Looking up, he saw he was at the same street corner the two of you had met at. He smiled at the memory of you running into him, scattering his groceries across the street. You had been so upset, i
:iconmoriartyssniper:moriartyssniper 169 59
GermanyXReader Guilty part 3

 (Name)’s eyes widened and she shook her head trying to fall off the bed but the grip was too strong and soon the guard had placed what seemed to be an oxygen mask on her face removing his hand from her mouth, (Name) took a small breath in and suddenly her vision started blurring. The mask was removed and she felt herself get picked up by somebody. Half conscious, she tried to wrench herself away but it was no use; still not falling fully unconscious she was carried out, down the corridor, up the stairs and into a room. She was lifted onto what seemed to be a metal table, facing upward and one by one her hands were bound to handcuffs which were sticking out of the metal bed.
 She could see a lamp over her head, though it was swaying as if they were on a ship.
 With her head stinging, her arms aching and her body bruised, (Name) fell unconscious.

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep
Constant noises that d
:iconxmajutsu-shix:XMajutsu-shiX 183 82
Merman!Romano x Reader
~Le Flashback~
You were eight years old when you were collecting shells on a beach. You and your parents were on vacation and had rented a cabin by the beach. Your dad was fishing while your mom was setting up beach towels and umbrellas.
“Don’t go too far (y/n)! Be careful!” your mother called for you. You nodded and trotted along the soft sand in search of more shells.
The few shells you found were small, some broken and chipped. You frowned as you saw a gathering of flat rocks and boulders near an outpoint of the ocean. You trotted over and carefully leaned over the edge of the rocks. The ocean’s water was clear enough for you to see bright fish and coral below. You suddenly squealed as you leaned too far and fell into the ocean.
~Lovino’s POV~
I was swimming along the coral beds. I was lonely and bored as usual. Grandpa Rome had a flock of mermaids surrounding him and was busy flirting. Mio fratello was getting chased by Holy Roman Empire and was desper
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 358 44
Merman!PrussiaXReader: Talking on the rocks
~Gilbert’s POV~
“Kesesese! Today is going to be so avesome! Hmm… Vho to mess vith? Hov about… Elizabeta? Easy target,” Gilbert said. With a flick of his silver tail, he swam towards Elizabeta’s place. He had memorised the entire kingdom since he and Hungary always played together when they were younger. Gilbert reached Elizabeta’s place and he spotted her by the rocks, combing her hair.
“Hey, Eliza! Vhy are here? Shouldn’t you be vith you so called unawesome ‘boyfriend’?” Gilbert taunted. Hungary turned to Gilbert with a scowl.
“Shut up, Gil. I don’t want to listen to you right now,” Elizabeta replied.
“Aww, frau. Don’t be like that. There’s alvays someone for you. There are plenty of other avesome mermen in the sea. Like the avesome me for instance,” Gilbert said proudly. Elizabeta growled at him, already pissed off. She got off the sea bed and swam to Gilbert. Gilbert s
:iconrandomperson1011:RandomPerson1011 58 21
BTTxReader- My idiots
I immediately regretted coming along on this trip as soon as the car pulled up to an old worn down building.
My friend, Gilbert, shut the car off and stepped out, and I did the same. "What's this place?" I asked, a little more than confused as to why my three friends had brought me here.
Antonio and Francis got out of the car and joined us in front of the building. Gilbert turned to us and smirked. "We heard from Alfred this place is haunted so we want to go in and find out for ourselves."
"If that's the case, I'm not going," I replied.
"Yes you are Frau, because if you don't go in willingly we will carry you in kicking and screaming."
I sighed in defeat and followed them to the front. That was when Francis leaned over close to my ear and whispered "If you get scared don't hesitate to grab my hand."
I could feel my face heating up. Antonio laughed and ruffled my hair. "Awww, ___, you look so cute when you blush," He gushed only making my face redder.
By that time Gilbert had broken the
:iconsword-x-princess:sword-X-princess 213 36
Trollin the Germans! (Germany x Reader x Prussia)
Trollin’ the Germans!(Germany X Reader X Prussia):
Today was another boring day- Germany was sitting in his chair reading some book and Prussia was snoozing the day away, with drool coming out of his mouth. All of a sudden loud music began to play, waking Gil in the process. Then [Your Name] came out wearing cat ears, singing and dancing around the living room, tracking mud in.
“Tapi-Tapi-Tapioca, My delicious friend, Ah~” she sang.
“What the-“ Gilbert asked sitting up.
“I want to share this delicious taste, and deliver this song to everyone~” she sang, placing cat ears on the german brothers.
“[Your Name] get out!” Germany yelled at the dancing girl, putting down his book.
“Your gonna have to catch me first Luddy~” she said running around the house, laugh like a mad-woman, while the angry German chased her.
“Oh, Luddy-chan don’t be hatin’ on tapioca-kun!~” she laughed, jumping on top of th
:iconangelwuvsyou:AngelWuvsYou 146 68
GermanyXReader Guilty Part 2

“I’m telling you Ludwig she’s innocent!” Feliciano wailed. There was a moustache of foam on top of his mouth. He was drinking to make himself feel better- drinking hot chocolate that is. However it wasn’t working.  Not this time.
 “Couldn’t you hear the misery in her-a voice?” he looked ‘determined’ for a while. “I will prove her innocent” he promised.
 “Good luck Feliciano” Ludwig grumbled stirring his coffee. His friend blinked at him.
 “Aren’t you going to help-a me Ludwig?” he asked looking slightly confused.
 “She’s a prisoner Feliciano” Ludwig gave a sigh taking a sip from his cup. He stared at his friend to see his reaction.
 “She’s an innocent-a girl Ludwig, she can’t be much younger than us” Feliciano snapped.
 “Her looks are fooling you” Ludwig comment
:iconxmajutsu-shix:XMajutsu-shiX 225 68
GermanyXReader Guilty
The judge tilted his head "Miss(Name) I have had an opportunity to review the pre-sentence report, I have listened to the sentencing arguments from the state's attorney,as well as the statements from the family of the victim and you have twice been given an opportunity to address this Court. Having been found guilty by the jury, it is now up to me to sentence you. You have no evidence to prove your innocence therefore I accept the recommendation of the Probation Department and sentence you to life in prison. "
A sob.
The guard had blonde hair and blue eyes though (Name) couldn't see that. Not that she cared what colour hair he had. She could hardly breathe let alone walk without nearly falling at the moment. Guilty? Guilty? No, that wasn't right. She was innocent! she hadn't done anything- she hadn't. Oh God. The guard next to her opened the cell door bef
:iconxmajutsu-shix:XMajutsu-shiX 423 382
Ouran High school host club x Reader chapter 8
Ouran high school host club x reader
Chapter 8
Ouran high school host club x reader
Chapter 8
Mori laid me out on my bed and kissed me deeply, his hands moved from my waist up to my hair and became tangled in it. I giggled as he fumbled trying to untangle his fingers from my mess of hair. I found it funny how shy and inexperienced he seemed. He was almost as bad as me, whose first kiss had been taken by her so called ‘betrothed’. I frowned as I thought of Kyoya, Mori seemed to sense it, and pulled back, “_______-San are you okay?” I shook it off and laughed at him. “Ta-ka-shi!” I sang his real name and he looked a little surprised, “oh come on, you are practically on top of me, I think we can drop the honourifics. He smiled and kissed me again and again and again.
About an hour passed and we just lay next to each other, our fingers linked together. He opened my hand up with his and put them palm to palm and then smiled.
“What?” I ch
:icontogofla:Togofla 257 253
Ouran High school host club x Reader chapter 1
Ouran High school host club x Reader
“Another day in Ouran, another day of pretentious nonsense” I sighed as the School bell tolled to signal the end of my first week at the esteemed Ouran Academy.
I’m a transfer student, my parents shipped me over to Japan from England so I could learn ’respect’ and how to be a ‘lady’, whatever that’s supposed to mean. I’m meant to inherit their company when I’m older but I have very little interest in gothic architecture. I’m far more artistic than that; painting, drawing, writing and music are my interests. I was always interested in Japanese culture when I lived back in England but I was more interested in the REAL Japan, not…this….this school, these…people, they are all so…so…easy…so fake.
As soon as the bells ring half of the girls in the entire school all rush to one room-that “deserted” music room 3. They go so they can play h
:icontogofla:Togofla 444 158
Atta Girl: Dad!2p! America X Teen!Reader
SMACK! One down, two to go., Al smiled murderously at the other two drunks that were still alive.  They stared at the red-eyed American in utter fear.
"It's the devil! The devil has come to kill us!" They screamed like a bunch of idiots.  The chubbier one stumbled over the skinny one as they began to back up, resulting in both of them landing on their asses.  Al snickered, and spun the nailed bat between is his middle and pointer finger as he slowly advanced towards them.
“I’m not the devil you dumbasses.  More like your worst nightmare.” He sneered.  With only two swings of his bat, both drunks were lying dead and bloodied on the concrete floor of the alley.  Al sighed, while casually wiping some smeared blood of his face and walking behind one of the dumpsters where a crying little girl (around three years old) was huddled up, hiding her face in her hands.
“Yo, kiddo, you okay?” The American asked awkwardly, crouching
:iconsunnyh625:sunnyh625 1,306 298
Child!Hetalia x Child!Reader part 3
Child!Hetalia x Child!Reader: It’s a small world after all ~ Part 3
Were we left off~
’10!’ One boy guessed, ‘No.’.
’12?’ Another guessed, ‘Nope.’.
’18!’ A voice yelled, she clapped in her hands and looked at the boy who got the number. To your surprise it was..

Let’s continue shall we? ~
Was Matthew the person who yelled 18 across the classroom, you didn’t even knew Matthew could yell! As he noticed everybody staring at him he slowly sat back down and his cheeks turned redder and redder. He probably couldn’t control himself, You guess that he really wanted to play as the prince. The teacher then continued on writing the other parts down on the chalkboard and after a while everybody had a part. Arthur was “the king” which made him rather happy since Alfred was playing a dog. Elizabeta was your understudy and Ivan was Matthew’s, the part of the queen got Natalia who was
:iconmegageeky:MegaGeeky 139 115




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